High Score: 0000

Score: 0000

Time: 01:07

Fuel: 0692

Altitude: 139

Horizontal Speed: 5 ←

Vertical Speed: 83 ↑

View: Front

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Lunar Lander

A three dimensional ode to
Atari's 1979 Lunar Lander


Hit shift to rotate around the lander.


Hit control to switch to a top view. COMING SOON

Hit the up arrow to thrust.


Hit the left arrow or the right arrow to rotate the lander. Keep in mind that your rotation direction will depend on which side you are viewing the lander from.

Low On Fuel

Lunar Lander

Created by: Kevin Merinsky

The intention of this project was to recreate Atari’s 1979 Lunar Lander game in three dimensions. I conceived of this project as a way to explore the WebGL library Three.js and the physics library Cannon.js.

Sorry about this but this version of lunar lander was developed for desktop and relies on a keyboard. Maybe one day we'll be able to land on the moon using our phones, but not here, not now.